Miniature American Shepherd

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American Miniature Shepherds ~ Linda and DeziThe Miniature American Shepherd is also known as the Miniature Australian Shepherd and affectionately referred to as the Miniature Aussie. Many breeders consider them to be "Americas Dogs" because the Miniature size originated within the United States. The minis are mirror images of the standard Australian Shepherd, but in a smaller stature. Because of their smaller size, they are the perfect breed for every lifestyle. They are clever, light hearted, debonair, endearing, intuitive, watchful, protective, athletic, helpful and devoutly loyal to their extended family. This breed is extremely versatile and adapts well mentally as well as physically (at work, home and during play). They enjoy activities such as obedience, rally obedience, conformation, agility, herding, fly ball, Frisbee, search & rescue, and therapy work. We are proud to say, this very special breed has the willingness and ability "to do it all". The more they work, the happier they are. They willingly accept varied lifestyles as long as they can be close to their family. Many people consider them to be "awesome Velcro dogs" because they prefer to keep their family in sight. They love the excitement of participating in active lifestyles, however are content to relax and lounge around with their two legged pack!

"DESIGNER AUSSIES" goal is to produce Champion Companion pets, obedience, agility, and show quality dogs. We strive to produce puppies in a beautiful compact show quality package "Designed with Kustom Chrome" or known as strategically placed white markings. Raising beautifully marked puppies with eye appeal is our goal as well as an added bonus. Our selective breeding program is a reflection of our commitment to improve breed quality, type, consistency as well as longevity.

Great puppies begin with solid foundations (pedigree, genetics, preventative health care, nutritious dog food, proper socialization and training)! We strive to improve the breed by focusing on intelligence, excellent temperaments, healthy genetics, and structurally sound conformation. These qualities prove to be a major factor in determining their athletic ability, influencing their canine instinctive behavior and willingness to learn throughout their life. Our adults and puppies are raised within our home environment and are well socialized with children, adults, and other dogs. It is important to us, to spend quality time with each individual puppy as we build their self esteem, start their "good puppy manners", introduce "crate training", and reinforce their "house training process".

All puppies are started on our preventative health care program before they leave our home.

  •  The (age appropriate) DHLPPC, LYMES and Bordatella vaccination series will be administered.
  •  A "DATAMARS ISO Chip" is inserted for the International pet recovery program (if lost or stolen).
  •  They are started on "Sentinel" heart worm, worm and flea preventative.
  •  Their eyes are cerfed clear by a certified Ophthalmologist (Dr. Olivero).
  •  Microscopic fecal exams are performed and are negative or clean.
  •  They are fed all natural "Orijen" Puppy Food which promotes healthy bone development for future growth.
  •  A "Designer Aussies" Puppy Owner's Manual and Health Guarantee is provided with every puppy.
  •  When you love a "Designer Aussies" puppy, your soul awakens and you are truly blessed!
  •  Our puppies are tail wagging face licking psychologists.

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We are excited to share information about "Designer Aussies" breeding program, our adult dogs, as well as our precious puppies and how they are raised. We hope you enjoy learning about the Miniature American Shepherds or Miniature Aussies as "the chosen breed for every lifestyle". This breed is now recognized by the largest registry within the United States. The American Kennel Club Registry also known as AKC, will provide many new competitive opportunities for our special breed.

We offer a two year health guarantee as well as a life time of educational support.

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