Designer Aussies Goals

The goal of “Designer Aussies” is to enhance or improve the"Mini Aussie", “Miniature Australian Shepherd” or “Miniature American Shepherd” breed. We believe in producing quality rather than quantity and therefore we breed selectively. We are proud of our patchwork litters and coats of many colors with Designer Kustom Chrome. We strive to produce intelligence, good structure, healthy/sound genetics, good conformation, life span longevity, and sweet dispositions.

We feed nutritionally balanced dog food that does not add preservatives or chemicals. Orijen builds strong bones, teeth, and beautiful hair coats. We evaluate and match our puppies’ temperament and personalities to complement the buyer’s personality, lifestyle and goals. There is more to consider than just choosing a color.

We start our puppies on a Preventative Health Care program, perform fecal exams, and insert a micro chip prior to them leaving our home.

Great Dogs Begin With Great Foundations

We provide buyers with an educational "Puppy Owner's Manual", pictures and extended pedigree sheets. We offer a lifetime of emotional and educational support for all puppy owners. We share extensive information to help your puppy experience an easy transition from our home and lifestyle to yours. We strive to promote information that is current, scientifically proven and based on building the human/animal bond, health care, nutrition, training, etc. We have a personal desire to communicate with and build lasting friendships with long time breeders because they willingly share their vast knowledge about wiggle butt Aussies. We guarantee your puppy to be free of disease and parasites, at the time of purchase.


We encourage you:

to follow our preventative health care program
to enroll your puppy in a “puppy kindergarten” or socialization class
to attend obedience classes so your puppy learns to trust & respect you as the "pack leader"

Note: The first 2 years are extremely important. It takes time, patience, and love to properly raise your puppy! We encourage you to have your puppy examined by your Veterinarian (within 48 hours of picking it up) to confirm his/her overall health. If you are concerned about any issues please contact us immediately. Please Note—diarrhea may be caused by a change in diet, or stress resulting from travel or change of environment.

As a “Designer Aussies” puppy owner, we welcome you to be a forever member of our extended family. Our welcome mat is always extended to you and we are only a mouse click or a phone call away! We are completely dedicated to “Designer Aussies” puppies throughout their life. If your lifestyle changes and you can no longer keep your dog, please call us first and we will place her/him in a qualified home. We do not want any of our puppies to end up in a dog pound or rescue club.