When you pick up your "Designer Aussies" puppy, you will receive a complete "Puppy Owners Manual" that includes instructions for activating your puppy's microchip number in your name. We feel it is extremely important that you complete the information form on line or fill it out and mail it. Once they receive the information, your puppy is registered in their National Data Registry and tracked throughout the United States. Use this link to register your puppy's Home Again Chip on line.

If your puppy is lost, stolen, ends up in a shelter, rescue organization, or vet's office, a scanning device is used to detect their microchip number. If lost, the puppy is reunited with you in a timely manner. A registered microchip can ultimately save your dogs life.

Please note: A collar and ID tag with (your name and phone number) should also be used. However if by chance they lose their collar and ID tag, the microchip is a backup system for permanent identification.

Another benefit is: A microchip registered in your name provides proof of ownership.